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Civil Litigation Robert R. Flores

The McAllen and Raymondville, Texas, civil litigation lawyer Robert R. Flores at the Law Office Robert R. Flores has extensive experience handling complex lawsuit matters in state and federal trial and appellate courts.

Types of Civil Litigation Cases We Handle

Contact our law office now if you have any question regarding civil litigation in the Rio Grande Valley, or throughout Texas, including cases involving:

  • Business Litigation:

    We represent small businesses in civil lawsuit disputes. Whether breach of contract matters or theft of trade secrets, our role is to fight relentlessly for our clients, while at the same time keeping costs reasonable.
  • Insurance Law:

    We perform policy analysis and claim investigations, and defend policy actions and bad faith claims that arise in state and federal court jurisdictions throughout the United States.
  • Family Law:

    We focus on issues involving family relationships, including adoption, divorce, and child custody, among others. We represent clients in family court proceedings or in related negotiations, and can also draft important legal documents such as court petitions or property agreements. We also specialize in adoption, paternity, emancipation, or other family matters.
  • Criminal Law:

    We handle all cases that involve violations of criminal law such as harassment, assault, murder, or theft. A criminal complaint involves your abuser being charged with a crime.
  • Business Lawsuit Defense:

    When our business clients get sued, it is our priority to fight hard to defend their reputation and the assets of their company. If you have been served with a lawsuit, don’t wait too long to find an experienced civil defense attorney to file a response.
  • Civil Law:

    We will fight in the courtroom to protect you from the person abusing you. You are not asking the court to send that person to jail for committing a crime. However, if the abuser violates the civil court order, he or she may be sent to jail for the violation. In a civil case, you are the person bringing the case against the abuser, and in most circumstances, you have the right to withdraw the case if you want to.
  • Real Estate Litigation:

    Robert R. Flores has represented many clients in real estate disputes including, breach of contract, fraud in a real estate transaction, title disputes, deed restriction enforcement, and wrongful foreclosure.
  • Civil Probation:

    Some counties in Texas use probation as a tool to help non-custodial parents overcome the barriers that prevent them from supporting their children. People facing incarceration for failure to pay child support are instead offered civil probation. This type of probation has many of the same requirements as criminal probation. Individuals report to a probation officer regularly, and work and pay their support. If someone on probation does not comply with the probation requirements, then the probation may be revoked. We can protect your civil probation liberties.
  • Mediation:

    Mediation can be required by contract before filing a lawsuit or can be required by the court after litigation has begun.
  • Arbitration:

    In an arbitration matter, case preparation and aggressive representation are critical. With no appeal, the evidence preparation must be done competently as there is only one chance to win.
  • Special Appearance and Objection to Jurisdiction of Texas Courts:

    If you have been sued in Texas but have no connection with this state, you might be able to object to the jurisdiction of the Texas courts and get the case dismissed.

Breach of Contract Defenses: Just because you have been sued for breach of contract, that doesn’t mean you can’t defend the case. Many defenses to a civil suit for breach of contract are available under the law. Our civil litigation attorney will discuss options with you.

Civil Litigation Terms Defined

Defining terms can be useful in comprehending civil litigation. Below are some of the most commonly used terms you may hear throughout your claims process.

  • Tort

    – Either an act of wrongdoing or an infringement on someone’s rights that initiates a civil action.
  • Damages

    – Money sought or awarded as compensation for certain forms of loss or injury.
  • Litigator

    – Another word for a “trial lawyer” who handles civil litigation cases.
  • Appeal

    – If a party in civil litigation is not satisfied by the court’s ruling and would like to petition for a higher court to review, this is called an “appeal” and the person making the request is called the “appellant.”
  • Brief

    – The written statement that both litigators submit in trial proceedings in explanation of their side/argument.
  • Complaint

    – The statement that initiates a civil lawsuit.

Do Civil Cases Always Go to Court?

Civil cases do not have to be resolved in court. They can be settled outside of court or handled by way of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). If the case goes to court, the issues will be decided by a judge. If the case is settled outside of court, both parties have slightly more control over how the issues are decided.

Understanding Settlements

The goal of this process is not necessarily to go to court but instead to reach a settlement that both parties can agree to. In most civil litigation cases, the settlement involves the winning party getting money from the losing party, but it may also involve some action from the losing party that doesn’t involve money. 

The settlement can happen throughout negotiations or at the end of the trial. If the case goes to trial, both parties have a limited period of time to file an appeal if they disagree with the outcome.

What is a Lawyer’s Role?

In civil litigation, the attorney’s role is multifaceted. At the first consultation, the attorney helps an individual determine if their case has value or if they have standing to fight against accusations brought against them. 

If the case moves forward, the attorney begins the intricate process of obtaining evidence and interviewing people about the case. The attorney also helps prepare all of the documentation, including the brief, complaint, or answer. 

Finally, the attorney represents the individual in court, presenting evidence, questioning witnesses, and making the opening and closing statements. Picking an experienced attorney is crucial to presenting a solid case with sound evidence and achieving a positive verdict.

McAllen and Raymondville Texas Civil Litigation Attorneys Ready to Serve You

If you are facing a civil litigation case, time is of the essence. Consult with a skilled attorney as soon as possible to stay within the statute of limitations and to start discovery while evidence is still fresh. 

Contact the team at the Law Office of Robert R Flores today to discuss your needs with a civil litigation attorney.

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