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About Robert R. Flores

Get to Know Robert R. Flores

Ask anyone who knows Attorney Robert R. Flores, and they’ll tell you that he is a man who knows the true value of hard work and sacrifice.

This family lawyer has represented individuals in nearly 2,000 cases and is now practicing in McAllen and Raymondville, despite all of the odds and hardships placed in front of him before and during his career. Because of these hard times, he has made it his life’s mission to help other individuals–no matter what civil, criminal, or family legal battles they face.

A Boy With a Dream

Robert is no stranger to adversity. He grew up in the tougher streets of West McAllen and had to learn how to defend himself at a young age. Seeing that this wasn’t the life he wanted for his children, Robert’s father worked hard to get his family out of the barrio, teaching Robert a valuable lesson at such a young age: Work hard now for a better life later.

While most children raised in McAllen were looking forward to being doctors and astronauts, Robert knew in his heart exactly what he wanted to do. One day when he was just a 6-year-old riding his bike in circles in the driveway, he told his sister that he wanted to be a lawyer. This lightning-fast thought came and drove him to become the family lawyer that he is today.

Doing What It Takes

After high school, Robert attended the University of Texas – Pan American but had to drop his courses soon after to take care of his children. During this period, he worked three jobs, raised 2 boys, and helped his wife through college as she pursued a teaching career. After this hiatus, Robert returned and acquired his philosophy degree after 18 months of determination. He was then accepted into law school.

But before he set off to complete his childhood dream, Robert was placed with a difficult decision to make. He gathered his family for counsel, pondering if going to Detroit to earn his law degree in 24 months was a better decision than staying in Houston and earning it there in three years. Eventually, he made the sacrifice necessary to begin practicing law so that he can help others. Robert packed up his belongings and left for Detroit.

Overcoming the Setbacks

At this point is where some could say “Life happened”. During his 2nd semester at law school, Robert went through a divorce and had to drop out. He returned to Houston to raise his two boys with no assistance from anyone, making sure they were fed, clothed, and active in soccer.

Finally, after seven years, Robert returned to law school at Texas Southern University in Houston. During his studies there, he began feeling discouraged to continue on since he believed that he would be starting his legal career rather late. That is, until a chance encounter with another would-be lawyer that was starting their career later in life made him reconsider. The encouragement Robert received from this meeting sparked the realization that it is never too late to make a difference in other people’s lives.

With renewed spirit, Robert completed his studies, earned his law degree, and even worked for a few firms in Houston. To this day, whenever he has the chance, he enjoys walking through the halls of his law school, where he never forgets to get down on one knee and thank God.

Hard Work and Sacrifice: Two Traits You Need in a Family Attorney

Robert knows what it feels like to have the overwhelming odds stacked against you, but despite it all, he knows how to get you through it. Not only does he have experience in a litany of practice areas like civil litigation, criminal defense, and family law, he is also a certified mediator and professional consultant to land developers, contractors, and insurance recovery cases.

Robert’s unique life and legal experiences have given him an advantage in helping individuals in their times of need. He wants to be your family lawyer, to stand with you while you face adversity, no matter what the situation is. He and his legal team at the Law Office of Robert R. Flores are always eager to get into the courtroom to fight on your behalf.

Attorney Robert R. Flores takes pride in helping the underdog. Don’t hesitate to reach out to him if you need experienced and passionate legal assistance.

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